My role: Lead Level Designer

Level Design Steps & Thought Process

Below is a walkthrough of the main steps seen in Frogmented's Level Design and my thought process behind them. 

One of my main focuses for creating the level was embracing the game's beauty in its simplicity, so I set a goal of naturally and unobtrusively guiding the player through the game's mechanics. I felt after watching people play the game that I was fairly successful in this effort; it was a joy to watch people naturally get accustomed to the game through the way I laid it out.


Although the game had to be completed in a very limited time, I still believed it important to have solid and understandable documentation for it. This mainly came in the form of a centralized design document that summarized the main premise and essential components of the game.

Project Success

The entire team ended up being quite proud of what we accomplished with Frogmented. In the end, the game felt like it had realized the ideas we had for it going in, and the positive reception to it was incredibly encouraging. I believe our shared excitement and passion for what we were creating translated into the final product, which resulted in it getting the "Best in Show" award and surrounding conversation that it did.