About Me

Hi! I’m Ethan Godwin, a spring 2023 graduate from the University of Texas at Austin, focused on game design and development. I'm extremely passionate about game design, and I focus on discussing and implementing it through methods like level layout sketching, blockouts, and documentation. I’ve been making games since high school, and since then have done design work on several different projects, for both school and personal endeavors. Here, you’ll find examples of the projects I’ve worked on and what specific work I did for them.

I’ve chosen to focus on game design in my work because I’ve always believed games are a unique medium with a potential for impactful experiences unlike any other form of art or entertainment, and I intend to take advantage of this potential to create experiences that players will remember for years afterward.

I’m also versed in multiple other areas of digital art and media, such as video editing and digital imaging. I’ve done paid video editing work for a YouTube channel that now has over 1 million subscribers, and frequently work in Photoshop to create graphics and video thumbnails for use on websites like YouTube and Twitch, as well as digital illustrations.

Whatever creative endeavor I’m working on, whether it’s level design or a short film, my goal is always to make something that’s fresh, engaging, and fun. Take a look at my portfolio here to see some of my work, or have a look at my itch.io or LinkedIn page!