Level Designer

Hi, I'm Ethan!

I'm a passionate game designer looking to create engaging and memorable gameplay experiences for players everywhere.

​Below you'll find examples of my work, which you can click on to learn more about!

Level Design


3D Platformer Collectathon 

Role: Lead Level Designer

Planned, documented, built, and tested 3D Level Design for a 3D Platformer Collectathon game, released on Steam. Developed in Unity.

BIONICLE: Masks of Power

3D Open-world Action-Adventure RPG

Role: Level Design Lead

Plan, document, build, and test 3D Level Design for a large-scale, open-world fangame releasing on Steam. Developed in Unreal Engine 5. Full game currently in development.


2D Physics-based Platformer 

Role: Lead Level Designer

Built level design in Unity for a Best-in-Show-winning game jam game.

Other Game Design work

Cosmos Arena Mobile

2D Multiplayer Shooter/Platformer 

Role: UI Designer/Artist

Designed UI for a mobile port of a game originally on PC.