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PubCrawl: UI & UX Design

PubCrawl: UI & UX Design

PubCrawl: UI & UX Design

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PubCrawl is a prototype for a mobile app that lets users search for bars that meet certain conditions, such as allowing entrance of people under the age of 18. For this project, I worked as the main UI and UX designer, creating layouts for how the interface would look and writing design guides for the rest of the team to work off of.


Final product screenshots: Screenshots of the final product in action. The layout of the app and its UI were all created by me, while the final art assets were created by other team members.

Documentation: Envisioning and Outlining the Project


Design Document

One-page summary of the project and its goals

(mainly written by me with some contributions from Hari Jeung)


Design Guide 

Details all features of the app and exactly how they function

UI/UX Process: Designing the Interface

App interface mockup

Mockup planning how the final interface would look, designed by me in Photoshop


Final product

App interface constructed by rest of team following the mockup, with some edits from me



​Team members

  • Bar information found & organized by Pete Cimino

  • Scripting by Pete Cimino

  • Map/Details bubble UI Art by Hari Jeung

  • Filter icons UI Art by Jordan Jenkins

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