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Cosmos Arena Mobile: UI/UX, Narrative Design

During my time as an intern at Astire Games, I contributed to the mobile version of Cosmos Arena,

a co-op/competitive platform shooter. 


My work consisted mainly of UI/UX Design and in-engine implementation of said UI, all with a focus on translating the Cosmos Arena experience to mobile platforms as effectively as possible. I also was the main contributor to Narrative Design, fleshing out the game's story by creating distinct characters, cutscene scripts, and storyboards.


By the end of the internship, the game was fully translated to mobile, along with added features and content not present in the PC release, and is planned to be released on mobile storefronts in the future.

Gameplay video of game intro. UI Design and several UI art assets created by me. Writing and storyboard of intro cutscene was also done by me. Cover image was designed by me and created in collaboration with Jake Nguyen, another intern.

Translating UI Design: PC to Mobile

Cosmos Arena was originally built as a PC game, so several of the game's menus and UI designs required readjusting or complete reworks for the mobile port. I designed and implemented this reworked UI.

PC (Original)

Mobile (My design)

iPad Pro215.PNG
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